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Ryerson University is at the intersection of mind and action. What our students learn in the classroom is enhanced by real-world knowledge and experience. We champion diversity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

At Ryerson University we're dedicated to creating a culture of action. We believe that education and experience go hand-in-hand. What our students learn in the classroom is enhanced by real-world knowledge through internships and co-ops, or amplified through zone learning, specialized minors and graduate programs.

The university is located in the heart of Toronto, Canada, the fourth largest city in North America. Here, students can connect with leaders in culture, business, health care or government because opportunity lives at our front door. That's an urban campus.

Ryerson has pioneered a unique experiential program called zone learning—a great complement to your courses with the opportunity to earn an additional credential on your transcript. You'll work with like-minded students from diverse disciplines and community groups.

Founded in 2013, The Fashion Zone at Ryerson University is one of Canada’s first communities for fashion-inspired start-ups. Fashion Zone has recognized gaps and opportunities in the Canadian fashion industry in regards to the development of innovative products and services.

As part of Ryerson’s experiential learning and commitment to prepare students for the workforce. Our members learn how to create and launch a company, or receive industry mentorship and tailored programming to excel their growth. We push for interdisciplinary collaboration to increase the development of unique new technologies, products, or services, and accelerate the likelihood of successful new companies and social ventures.

With Canadian fashion jobs increasingly being outsourced, our goal is to promote entrepreneurship as a viable career path for Ryerson students and other prospective entrepreneurs with interest in fashion, design, and technology.

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